Mon Jun 11 2018

Utrecht University,
Heidelberglaan 8,
Utrecht, The Netherlands



Training for the Utrecht Network: �Optimizing support for refugees in higher education�

The aim is to improve the capacity of universities in assisting refugees and threatened academics on campus and to provide insights on the key components of a successful and sustainable refugee programme in order to widen participation and increase awareness on the integration of refugees into higher education. Purpose of the training is also to provide a forum for (future) exchanges and cooperation in this field. This training course is aimed at academic and administrative staff of all levels from the Utrecht Network dealing with refugee issues. The training is offered free of charge. Participants will take care of their own costs for travel and accommodation.
The Deadline to register to this event is by the 23rd of March. The registration link is still opened, if you are interested to take part in this event, please contact Elena Valbusa, project leader of InclUUsion at Utrecht University: e.valbusa@uu.nl.





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